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Support 4 British businesses with one purchase

Iain Kerrigan

Our combs are a fantastic addition to the Norse range and are already proving to be hugely popular but more importantly each purchase of a Norse stainless steel comb supports not just one but four British businesses.

The steel used to make our combs is purchased in Sheffield by Charles Day Steel who laser cut the sheet steel to create the basic outline of the comb. This rough outline is shipped to Sinopol who are based in Hackney, London, where Adam and his team polish and grind the comb until it is perfect. The comb is then travels to North London where Alan at Antoinettes laser etches the comb with either the Norse logo or your personalised design. Finally, we at Norse offer you the opportunity to buy a handcrafted, 100% British made comb that is the bomb. Click here to view the Norse Stainless Steel Comb on our website,

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