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What is a beard oil and why should I use one?

Iain Kerrigan

Having a beard is not a choice, people choose to shave, growing a beard just happens. We have evolved to grow beards with academics proposing a number of theories why ranging from men wanting to stand out in a crowd through to male dominance. Unfortunately, whilst men (most of us anyway) have the ability to grow an epic beard the sebaceous glands that are supposed to keep your skin and beard healthy are nature's equivalent of a chocolate teapot; useful up to a point then… .

Unless you are extremely lucky when you grow a beard you will notice a couple of things:

  • Your beard hair grows in random directions
  • The skin under your beard is itchy and flaking (a.k.a bearddruff)
  • Your beard feels course and prickly

This is because the sebaceous glands cannot produce enough sebum (your skin's natural oil) to keep your skin and beard healthy but do not worry this situation can be easily remedied by using a quality beard oil. A good quality beard oil will provide your face and beard the moisture they are craving, banish beardruff, and make your beard incredibly soft and generally more presentable.

Norse Woodsman beard oil

Norse Citrus beard oil

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