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Review us (we promise not to cry!)

Iain Kerrigan

Whether you think are products are good or bad you can now leave a review on Norse’s website. This is a scary step for us, we think our products are great, our Facebook reviews would seem to back that up (100% 5* reviews so far, and we only know one of the reviewers!), but what if… .

Here at Norse we believe we do an exceptional job and exceed your expectations, but then who doesn’t? Your feedback is the only way to keep us informed about how we are actually performing, and we would love to hear from you.

Feedback should not, however, be considered an end point or outcome, but rather the start point in a conversation. To that end we commit to the following:

  • We will reply to all reviews and comments:
    • For positive reviews we will bask in the glory
    • For negative reviews, so long as you are not a troll or a crank we will listen to your views and where possible incorporate them into future products and services
  • As long as they are family friendly we will never seek to delete or hide a review

We genuinely look forward to hearing what you think of our products and if you have the time, hearing what you think we should make next.

  • Darrelyn Gunzburg on

    I love this product! It has become my ‘go to’ salve before I go to sleep at night and it’s made a HUGE difference to my hands and arms which used to be dry and cracked. Thank you SO MUCH Norse.

  • Sara on

    Wow! I was sceptical but your Paw Balm really does work! I have a manual job and fingertips ar constantly shredded and splitting. I’ve used every so called ‘miracle’ cream, and while they help they do not fix (and I hate using synthetic chemicals). Not only is your Paw Balm the best I’ve used, it smells lovely and I know it isn’t loaded with nasties. Delighted to have found you!

  • Paul Baxby. on

    Hi guys, the beard us a relatively new addition for me, lucky I dropped on your stall at chatsworth flower show where I bought a shaving bundle. Thank you to the chap
    Who gave me great advice ( sorry didn’t catch his name) just ordered hair wax and I’m sure that will be great too. All the very best. P

  • Rob Welch on

    Used the razor for the first time,l this morning. Gave a smooth shave. Have already recommended it to guys in work.

  • Simon Brodie on

    I bough the beard oil and hand salve at Bricklane market and have not looked back my seasonal dry hands which itch and flake from the start of autumn to the start of spring are a thing of the past just rub the salve into my hands daily and hey presto I have normal looking hands which is fabulous. I have been using the beard oil also and can say that this is wonderful my flaky skin under my beard has gone cant say that the beard feels any softer but it smells nice.

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