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Why Norse?

Iain Kerrigan


They may have a reputation for invading and pillaging but new research has proven that the Norse were less Hagar the Horrible and more Chris Hemsworth in Thor.

The Norse liked fashion and a well-groomed face was considered a sign of virility. Danielle Daglan from the Jorvik Viking Centre believes that "Viking men would appeal to 21st century tastes, contrary to popular myth, Viking men took great care with their personal appearance”. Adding that: "In ancient images, Viking men are depicted with finely-trimmed beards, and waxed - often curling - moustaches."

Ibn Fadlan, a contemporary Arabic writer observed that they bleached their beards to a saffron yellow and considered the Norse as dangerously fashionable. Whilst Anglo-Saxon scholar Alcuin was distraught that good Anglo-Saxon men were ruining England by emulating Viking style and 'trimming their hair and beard like the pagans'.

As an homage to the Norse and their love of a well-groomed face we named the company Norse.

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