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Choosing the right safety razor makes all the difference

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This blog post is by Emma at Small Shop.

About a year ago, I made the decision to try to live a lot less wastefully.  My husband and I decided to try and significantly reduce the amount of rubbish in our bin each week.  Things started very simply - we stopped drinking bottled water, quit using paper towels, and started taking our own bags to the market when we did our food shopping.  Once we identified a few disposable items in our lives that we could live without, we started assessing every single thing we used, and trying to find less-wasteful alternatives. 

Making the Switch to a Safety Razor

I had been using disposable razors since I started shaving my legs as a teenager, and I started thinking about how many razors I must have thrown away in my lifetime.  After reading about zero waste shaving alternatives on a few blogs, I ordered two stainless steel double edged safety razors (one for me, one for my husband) and a pack of blades from Amazon.  I watched a Youtube video about how to recycle old blades, and patted myself on the back for having found a zero waste way to shave.

The Risks of Inferior Razors

However, I soon learned that there was a learning curve to using this safety razor.  It was heavy, clunky, and I felt that I had to be extremely careful with the angle and pressure of the blade, lest I cut my legs to shreds.  I couldn’t help but feel that the moniker “safety razor” was somewhat ironic, as I felt myself in moderate danger every time I used it, and invariably came out of the shower with nicks on my knees and ankles.  My husband had similar issues, especially on his neck, where his hair is very coarse.  I felt a pang of guilt that my insistence that we be more responsible shavers was leaving him with a lacerated neck every time he used his razor.

Why the Norse Razor is Better

Fortunately, after trying out Norse’s safety razor, I discovered that not all razors are created equal - far from it.  The Norse razor is sleek, lightweight, easy to hold and maneuver, and its shape virtually eliminates the risk of nicks, even in the trickiest places.  I don’t even feel the blade when I use it, and don’t have to worry so much about using too much pressure, as the design naturally protects my skin from heavy-handed strokes.  I’m no longer afraid to shave around my knees and ankles, where bones and tendons can make things a bit dicey.  It gives a safe and smooth shave from ankle to hip, and actually earns the name “safety razor”.  And if that wasn’t enough, it’s super beautiful to look at as well!

Ladies, if you want a zero waste shaving option, this is the tool for you.  Just don’t be surprised if your partner wants to borrow it from time to time!

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  • Helen on

    Hi, liking it, similarly minded to eliminate plastic from our shopping. Need you to know that plastic is spelt incorrectly tho in one part of the text. Palstic. Xxx

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