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Shave like a boss with a Double Edged Safety Razor

Iain Kerrigan Double Edged Safety Razor Norse razor blade Shave Shave like a boss Shaving

Shaving is a chore, fact.  Shaving with a double edged safety razor will not turn your morning routine into a fun fill escapade but much like a Japanese tea ceremony it will add a degree of magic to an otherwise mundane chore. There are other benefits as well:

  • Cost – Safety razors will save you a fortune
  • Environmental impact – the only waste is an easily recyclable razor blade
  • Better more consistent shave – modern razors irritate the skin more than they need to, imagine peeling a potato with 4 or 5 peelers at the same time. Now imagine your face is the potato… .
  • Aesthetics– They are just a more aesthetically pleasing product. That is of course assuming you are not a fan of brightly coloured, battery operated plastic coated in rubber (I am talking about modern razor handles) cluttering up your bathroom side

Preparing your beard / stubble.  Key to a great shave is preparation. The goal during beard preparation is to soften your whiskers. The best way is shave after you have had a hot shower, the hot water softens and hydrates whiskers making them less coarse and easier to shave off. The next step is to apply a quality, paraben free shaving soap or cream using a quality shaving brush (we will blog about the benefits of a shaving brush in the future).

The Shave.  It really could not be simpler.

  • Insert a new razor blade into your razor, on average you will get seven shaves from a blade
  • Warm the blade by rinsing in under hot water
  • Hold the razor to your face at an angle of between 30 – 45 degrees
  • There is no need to apply any pressure to the razor, just rest it against your face and allow the weight of the razor to ‘power’ the shave. Use short strokes in the direction of hair growth, you can shave against the direction of hair growth but this will irritate your skin
  • When the razor becomes blunt it will hang / catch on the stubble, do not force the shave by pulling at the razor, just rotate the razor and shave with the other side or change the blade

After shaving rinse the face with cool water and gently pat dry, moisturize and you are done.

Want to shave like a boss and add some magic to your morning routine? Follow this link to buy a Norse Shaving Set.

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