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This blog post is written by Sweetness and Pea.

It came to our attention recently that at Sweetness and Pea, we were doing a pretty decent job at providing eco solutions for Mum, Baby and the home but the men were being neglected somewhat. So, we made it our mission to find visually appealing, natural and eco friendly products for men with a large focus on UK made products.

It was at Spring Fair in February where we stumbled upon Norse London. A male beard grooming brand, based and manufacturing in the UK. We were blown away by the sleek and stylish look of their products. Not to mention the thought that had gone in to the eco credentials of the brand.

All products that are stocked at Sweetness and Pea are thoroughly tested by us prior to release. As many of you are aware, I am severely lacking in the Man department so, the job of testing the Norse Double Edged Safety Razor fell firmly on my shoulders (or legs!)

Now, don’t get me wrong, it is one seriously sexy razor! The chrome gives it a luxurious feel, the weight gives you the impression of a quality product & the curves add to the stylish design however, I was bloody petrified! I’d  read all the tips and tricks of achieving a successful, smooth shave using a safety razor. However, as I got the glinting blade in place, I was convinced I was going to lose a leg!!

I’m not sure I have ever shaved my legs soooo slowly! Stood in the shower on one leg with the other precariously perched on the edge of the bath, I drew on all my GCSE maths knowledge and wracked my brain to remember what a 35-40 degree angle was supposed to look like. None the wiser, I allowed the weight of the razor to glide across my leg and I did it!! I had actually shaved one leg with this gleaming blade – albeit avoiding knees and ankles! And so, I braved my other leg. I marginally sped things up and was astounded with how smooth my little tree stumps were. Seriously, smoother than the Backstreet Boys circa 1995!

It got me thinking, we bought these beauties in for the men that we previously weren’t catering for. However it’s us women who are the culprits behind the majority of the single use plastic razors sitting indefinitely in landfills across the country. And, why do we not deserve sleek and sexy, weighted chrome razors? Why is it that disposable razor manufacturers think grown women want gaudy pink or purple monstrosities sat in their bathrooms that give us flashbacks of late 90’s girl bands and pre-pubescent dramas?!

Now, I don’t know about you but every time (EVERY.SINGLE.BLOODY.TIME!!) I used a brand new disposable razor my little legs ended up covered in nicks, blood dripping down my ankles. Without exception! Not this time! Whilst convinced I would be minus a leg, all I was left with was silky soft skin, free of blood or that horrible itching that often comes post leg defuzzing. I’m not really sure I could ask for much more in the razor department. The double edged blade offers longevity and the blade is the only piece of waste (which can be easily recycled in your kerbside recycling but please check with your LA!) and are super cheap to replace.

Norse Double Edged Safety Razor at bath

I do however have one word of warning Ladies. Personally, I would focus on getting your angles and pressure right on your legs before you venture to more intimate areas. Nobody wants to be lobbing off their labia whilst trimming their lady garden do they!?

Here are some of my top tips for achieving the BEST, closest and smoothest shave of your life without an itch or drop of blood in sight;

  • Ideally shower or bathe before shaving to soften the hair
  • Take it slowly. Whilst you are learning how to handle this beauty, take your time especially around more bony areas like knees and ankles (or, if you’re like me, avoid these all together for the 1st few shaves!)
  • Hold the razor at an angle of between 30-45 degrees. Disposable razors are already angled for you so this may take a bit of practice
  • Allow the weight of the razor to do the work. DO NOT PULL! Use short stroke and work with the angles of your body.
  • You may want to use a good quality moisturiser afterwards. Many female disposable razors have a ‘moisturising’ strip built into the razor

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