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Improve your shaving technique for better results and less skin irritation.

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Shaving with a double-edged (DE) safety razor is by far the best method of shaving, not only are they more gentle on your skin they also save you money and reduce your environmental impact. However, using a DE razor requires you to get the hang of the technique required. To help you quickly get the perfect shave we have pulled together the three most common mistakes so you can identify where you might be going wrong and perfect your technique as quickly as possible

Applying too much pressure.

To shave with a modern cartridge razor you need to press the razor against your face. However, with a DE razor you don’t need to press it against your face at all, if you do you will probably cut yourself. Assuming you have properly prepped your beard, the weight of the razor should be all that is required to shave. To put this into practice, hold the razor next to your face and then just let it rest against your cheek. That is all the pressure that is required. Focus on this during your first shaves and train your arm to get into the habit of letting the razor do the work.

Taking long, quick shaving passes.

Cartridge razors encourage people to pull the razor across the skin in long shaving passes, this will damage your skin leaving it sore and irritated. Taking shorter passes results in a closer shave and less skin irritation. Regularly rinsing the razor between shaving passes will stop the razor from clogging up and improve the quality of the shave.

Not enough prep

If you find that your most common complaint when shaving is the feeling of the razor tugging at your hairs, it’s easy to blame the blade and assume it’s not sharp enough. Rather than blaming the blade, it’s far more likely that you haven’t sufficiently prepped your beard. It takes around three minutes to fully saturate the beard hair this means splashing water on your face just before shaving is not sufficient. Showering before shaving will much improve your shaving experience.


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