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Razor, Shaving Brush, and Shaving Soap

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Razor, Shaving Brush, and Shaving Soap

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Be the Boss of the bathroom with this three piece eco friendly shaving set.

Included in this set is a double edged safety razor which is hand made in Sheffield. The razor not only gives you a great shave but is also plastic free, so no disposable razor cartridges heading to the landfill, and it saves you a fortune (100 razor blades will cost you £15!). 

The shaving brush, which comes with a stand, is made here in the UK out of recycled materials and is vegan friendly, no badgers are harmed in the making of these brushes. The shaving bowl is made from acacia wood which is harvested from a sustainable source and the shaving soap is handmade.

There are three colours of shaving brush: Tortoise Shell, Ebony and Ivory (imitation obvs) and three fragrances of shaving soap: Bergamot (light citrusy smell), Peppermint (my favourite), and Sandalwood (the most traditional).

Who are Norse? We are a family owned business based in Kingston upon Thames, all our products are hand made in the United Kingdom from eco friendly ingredients.

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